Dogs Killed by Cobra Snake – Buy Antivenom for Snakes Bites

Hello. I currently work at a non-profit organization on Bangkok, Thailand. We have around 50 volunteers who work here on a full time basis. Recently, we have had two dogs killed on the property by cobras. And 3 weeks ago a young monocled cobra was spotted right in the middle of the path to the parking lot. We are doing more research on first aid and also anti-venom. Due to traffic, hospitals here can take from 10-30 minutes to get to. We understand that immediate care is critical to survival.

We have a few questions about your product. The instructions state it is to be administered by IV. Are there other routes, for example IM, that it can be given? If we had a single dose handy on site, would an Emt or Paramedic be able to administer this first dose IV? If so, would just a single dose make a difference in the survival rate of a cobra bite?

Also, what is the shelf life of the unconstitured powder antivenom?

Thank you for your help and time.

Dear customer,

Thank you for your message.

It is always advised to administer a first dose as quickly as possible after having identified the snake specie.

All the products displayed on our store are available and ready to ship. They can be used during 5 years before opening the vials.

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