Nepal Snake Antivenin for Trek in Anapurna Circuit Region

Nepal Snake Antivenin for Trek in Anapurna Circuit Region

I’m planning to hike in Nepal in Anapurna circuit region.
I’m considering to buy these two:
– Neuro Polyvalent Snake Antivenom
– Hemato Polyvalent Snake Antivenom

My question is: how critical is this requirement:
” Keep in tightly closed container and store below 25-degree Celsius ” ?

We will begin trekking at low altitude and I expect temperature be higher than 25-degree Celsius for a few days until we get to higher altitude.
Do you have any advice or recommendation how I could take it with me?

Also, I’m leaving from US on March 30, but first I’m going to Pune, India for 2 weeks. Would it be possible to deliver it there to the hotel I will stay at?


Dear customer,
Thank you for your message.
As our antivenom has a 5 years shelf life, it should be kept in cold temperature most of this time, but there is no problem to keep it in warm temperatures few weeks or months.
We often deliver our products to India and we can deliver to any hotel.
The products that you need are:
As delivery can take up to 1 week and bank transfer can take few days to reach our bank, please proceed to order now to be sure to receive your products on time.
Thank you again for your order.
Best regards,