When to Use Snake Antivenin, How Long to Inject After Snake Bite ?

When to use Snake Antivenin, How Long to Inject After Snake Bite ?

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According to your experience what is approximately initial dose ?  i read a book about ASV treatment it say that the venom will make the victim worse when it is not necessary to do so. the book also say that we injected ASV only if the victim develop one or more symptom develop such as incoagulated 20WBC , neurological symptoms (ptosis, muscle paralyzed) and cardiovascular abnormality( hypo tension, shock ). But as you said the maximum time is only 30 Mn after bitten. Could you advise weather we need to wait one of these symptoms appear or just inject it in 30 Mn as maximum time.
if someone bitten by Green pit viper, which one is prefered, monovalent ASV green pit viper or poly hemotoxic ASV? As i live in Island(commonly seen malayan krait, cobra and green pit viper) should i buy monovalent or poly valent ASV? How long the freezed- dry ASV to be reconstiued? when some one bitten by green pit viper or malayan krait , when it is necessary to inject ASV?
If someone bitten by Malayan pit viper can we monovalent green pit viper or hematoxic poly valent? If we use hematoxic polyvalent initial dose is 60ml =6 vials but if we use monovalent green pit viper the initial dose is only 30ml =3vials. My questio is that why polyvalent dose is required more than monovalent dose for the same snake bitten
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Initial dosages can be found on our products page and please understand that when someone is bitten by a Snake, it is not time anymore to wonder if injection is needed or not. It should be done as quickly as possible.
People living in areas where many snake species are found should keep neuro polyvalent and/or hemato polyvalent antivenin:
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